Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning isn’t difficult, but it is highly inconvenient, time-consuming, and will require the disposal of a great deal of grease. For these reasons and many more, there are plumbing professionals that can provide grease trap cleaning in a timely and more convenient manner, giving you a break from the dirty work and allowing you to go on with business as usual.Many restaurants, cafés, and cafeterias, as well as other types of businesses often need grease trap cleaning services in order to ensure that their grease traps are functioning at top level all the time. Getting professional grease trap cleaning regularly will ensure that your equipment lasts as long as possible with high functionality.

Importance of a Clean Grease Trap

A grease trap is used to do just what the name entails: trap excess grease. For this reason, there is a great deal of importance when it comes to ensuring that the trap is cleaned out appropriately on a regular basis. Leaving a grease trap unmaintained can quickly cause health code violations in businesses, not to mention cause a great deal of mess and less efficient use of the actual grease trap. There is a great need for a cleaned grease trap when it comes to making great tasting food and keeping the area clean and sanitary.

Frequency of Cleaning

Depending on the use of the grease trap and the amount of grease that builds up within the trap, there should be adequate frequency in cleaning by a licensed, professional plumbing service. For instance, for everyday heavy use, you should really seek out a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning of the grease trap to ensure that it stays well maintained at all times. You don’t want to let it build up as it will become increasingly difficult to remove, thus most likely cost a bit more for the heavier grease build up. For moderate or lesser use, you could seek out monthly cleaning, or just getting grease trap cleaning when it is necessary.

When to Clean the Grease Trap

When the grease has begun to build up on the grease trap and is no longer working as efficiently, it is time to get grease trap cleaning. Losing the function of the grease trap could cause the frying within the restaurant or other institution to be halted until it has been properly cleaned. There are also many health codes that must be complied with, which does concern appropriate grease trap cleaning as well.

Grease trap cleaning is essential if you have frequent use of grease frying and want a fully functional business or fryer in any location. If you seek out professional grease trap cleaning services, you can quickly get the work done without having to go through the process of cleaning and disposing - let our plumbing service do that for you. That way, you can easily go about your day and enjoy the cleanliness of your grease trap until the next scheduled cleaning. An appropriate schedule should be put in place to ensure that the grease trap always stays clean and never builds up, affecting its function. Reed’s Plumbing & Excavating can help you put together a schedule based on your business’s individual needs.

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