How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Right now is the perfect time for you to step in and help your pipes from freezing this winter!!  If you have no idea how to prevent this, we are here to help save you from any costly and horrific damages!  Follow these simple steps, and let your pipes run smoothly for the winter!

Step One: Check for Leaks
Make sure you have no leaks anywhere in your pipes and if you end up finding a small leak, call your plumber before the temperature really drops!

Step Two: Insulation
Having a good insulation is a major key for preventing your pipes from freezing!  Spending money on good pipe insulation will outweigh the cost of fixing a pipe that is cracked or split due to freezing.  Even if you live in a place with mild winters, it’s better to be safe than sorry… so go out there and get a good insulation for your pipes!

Step Three:  Outside Hose
Unhook your outside hose from the faucet and make sure you get all the water out of the hose.  Leaving water in the hose can make the water freeze and ruin your hose.

Step Four:  Shut Off Valves
If your home has shut off valves for your outdoor faucets, you need to close them and drain the water from them.  If you have any water left in the outside lines, then it can freeze and cause damage to your home.  Call a plumber if you are unsure how to do this!


We hope this can help you have a nice and easy winter!! 😊