Additional Plumbing Services

Have a water leak at home? Need a sink installed? Looking for someone to take on the dirty work of grease trap cleaning? We can take care of all that and more! Reed’s Plumbing & Excavating offers a variety of plumbing services that meet the most basic and complex of our clients’ needs. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us today. 


  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning

    Sewer & Drain Cleaning

    In all kinds of plumbing work, plumbing tools are very necessary. The most important tools consist of various plumbing products…

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  • Sewer Cleaning

    Sewer Cleaning

    Every homeowner experiences a sewage blockage from one time to another and there are several different measures by which to…

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  • Plumbing Repair Service

    Plumbing Repair Service

    Plumbing service is essential in any home or office building in order to ensure there is clean running water and…

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  • Plumbing Contractors

    Plumbing Contractors

    Getting the right plumbing contractors to perform your plumbing needs is not very difficult these days with the many resources…

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  • Septic Pumping & Sewer Cleaning

    Septic Pumping & Sewer Cleaning

    Septic pumping is sometimes a necessary plumbing service for homeowners or commercial building owners that are preventing a septic blockage…

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  • Water Leaks & Water Leak Repairs

    Water Leaks & Water Leak Repairs

    Plumbing services are constantly in demand. Households experience water leaks and water leak repairs are almost always essential. This is…

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  • Septic System Repair & Replacement

    Septic System Repair & Replacement

    Septic systems are known to encounter their issues, many times needing repair or replacement if not maintained properly. Even septic…

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  • Grease Trap Cleaning

    Grease Trap Cleaning

    Grease trap cleaning isn’t difficult, but it is highly inconvenient, time-consuming, and will require the disposal of a great deal…

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