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Fall is just around the corner which means colder weather and a yard full of leaves!  To make your season more enjoyable, here is a checklist to make sure your home maintenance runs smoothly!

1. Take Care of the Trees This is the time to trim up those trees and find any limbs that are over walkways or can easily touch your house when the wind is blowing!  This is the most important point on the checklist to do in the fall because this is something that can easily damage your house and cars by fallen branches or scraping of branches on your home.

2. Clean your Gutters When most of the leaves have fallen, be sure to clean the gutters.  When your gutters are blocked and filled up with leaves or branches, you have a big chance of damaging your roof or siding by water piling up.

3. Protect Your Pipes Make sure your pipes do not freeze up when the days grow colder!  It is best to have them insulated, whether it being inside or out.  If you are unsure with how to have the proper insulated, call a plumber near you for help!

4. Pay Attention to your Water Heater One thing most people rely on during the cold is knowing that they can come home to a warm shower and hot chocolate!  So make sure you check on your water heater for any sediment and drain it.  If you do not trust the one you have today, be sure to have a water heater replacement or call for a water heater repair!

5. Sump Pump and Pit To make sure no flooding happens in your basements, check your Sump Pump and Pit.  This device eliminates the water that has built up!  If you do not have one, contact your local plumbers for a Sump Pump installation!

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