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Keeping Your Summer Lawn Lookin' Good

The heat in Springfield, MO in the summer can make it hard to maintain a beautiful green lawn and colorful garden beds, right?! If you want to have a beautiful landscape that looks park-like :) then you’ll probably need to stay on top of the water...wouldn't an in-ground sprinkler system help with that?!

Keep your system safe...

  • Take a few minutes to thoroughly check and clean your sprinkler heads. Leaks aren’t always apparent until you receive an astronomical water bill, so that preventative inspection can save you a lot of stress and money.

  • Warn whoever mows your lawn to avoid hitting the heads while trimming the grass, to avoid damaging them.

If you're ready to install & need the necessary plumbing ready then call your plumbing pros at Reeds Plumbing today!!

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