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Remodeling that mid-Century pink tile bathroom of yours has been your dream for quite a while now, hasn’t it?  Now, you have the ideas, the time, and the money to turn it into the spa bathroom of your dreams. But, where to begin? While picking out tile and fixtures is always fun, there are serious issues to consider when updating a bathroom and water flow meet.

Remodeling a bathroom (as well as any room that uses water, including the kitchen or laundry) requires putting a great deal of thought and planning into properly locating your bathroom fixtures and what to do with water supply and wastewater lines.


Initially, the homeowner, a designer if you have one and your licensed, experienced plumber will need to determine if any of your bathroom’s fixtures, like the toilet or shower, will be relocated. Relocating fixtures adds time and expense to a remodeling project, but may be well worth it.  It is important to be aware of the cost of relocating fixtures as well as the impact of relocation on the structure of the foundation of the room.  The location of the necessary vents must also be considered when relocation fixtures. A licensed, full-service plumber,  Reed’s Plumbing can help you analyze and solve your bathroom remodeling needs.


Are you currently suffering from clogged drains in your sink and shower? Enlarging your wastewater drains as you remodel is something to consider as you plan your new bathroom. Your licensed plumber can guide you to find the right size and type of drain for your needs.  Reed’s Plumbing of Springfield, MO is fully qualified to help you keep your drains clear and flowing.


While planning your remodeling project, you might want to consider upgrading your faucets and shower heads to more water efficient models. Your toilet can be upgraded to a model that features two flushing options - a weaker flush for liquid waste while the stronger flush is for solid waste. Upgrading your fixtures will give your new bathroom that sparkle as well as improving your water usage.  Reed’s Plumbing can help you select water saving fixtures for your new bath.


Reed’s Plumbing is ready to work with you and your designer to give you the modern bathroom of your dreams. Whether you are looking at a full remodel or just want to have someone repair those water leaks and do drain cleaning, Reed’s plumbing repair service is your affordable plumbing company in Springfield MO and surrounding area. Got an emergency? Reed’s 24 hour plumbing service is available.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

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