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Reed’s Plumbing, HVAC & Excavating has been 417 Land's plumbing & air services pros in Springfield, Missouri and in the surrounding areas since 1972. We have a commitment to provide Full Plumbing Services AND expert heating & cooling services with the latest, high-end technology & a committment to customer satisfaction.

Water Leaks

And Water Leak Repairs

Plumbing services are constantly in demand. Households experience water leaks and water leak repairs are almost always essential.

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Sewer & Drain

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

When it comes to drain cleaning, specialized tools are needed to complete the job immediately. These tools also come in different kinds.

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Plumbing Repair Service

Plumbing service is essential in any home or office building in order to ensure there is clean running water and somewhere to dispose of waste.

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Water Line

Repairs & Water Pumping

Any loss of water due to a leak can greatly increase your water bill, generating hundreds in lost water that you aren’t even aware of.

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Plumbing Services & Plumbers

Plumbing services and plumbers can help you understand the importance of early water leak detection. They can also install devices in your piping system that can automatically alert you about new pipe or fixture leakages at home or in your building. These services can install systems such as the passive leak detection system.

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At Reeds Plumbing, we install, repair and replace just about anything. With very competitive rates and the highest quality services available, Reeds Plumbing can get the job done fast and right the first time. We help you save time and money with our top of the line equipment such as our sewer line cameras and high pressure hydro jetters.



  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning

    In all kinds of plumbing work, plumbing tools are very necessary. The most important tools consist of various plumbing products…

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  • Sewer Cleaning

    Every homeowner experiences a sewage blockage from one time to another and there are several different measures by which to…

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  • Plumbing Repair Service

    Plumbing service is essential in any home or office building in order to ensure there is clean running water and…

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It could be a simple DIY fix: start by removing the shower head from the pipe (turn it counter-clockwise), and with the shower head off turn on the water and check the flow. If the water seems adequate with the shower head off, the problem could simply be in the shower head: a clog or mineral build-up that a 50/50 water & vinegar solution could fix.

If the water supply with the shower head off still is lacking, give Reed's a call so we can expertly assist you in finding the source of the problem!

As the temps get consistently cooler save yourself some natural gas costs and conserve energy by checking the temperature setting on your water heater: the temp should not be above 120°F or medium setting on older models.

Despite the name, not all garbage belongs in your garbage disposal, in fact most of it doesn't, yet some of us are guilty of cramming waste down there until the blades stop turning.
Watermelon rinds, potato peels, and pumpkin carvings are common items that plumbers have had to remove to free the blades...just toss those peelings in the trash!

As the temps get cooler & cooler this fall & winter, remember that if it creeps into the single digits the threat of frozen pipes increase. As a preventative measure let your faucets drip to keep the water moving and keep the cabinet doors open to let warm air under your sinks.

We understand some minor plumbing issues can be handled without the pros...but remember before you tackle a problem under the kitchen sink to turn off the water fixture shutoff valve or the main shutoff valve, then open the faucet to drain the pipes.

Pipe noises can range from loud bagging or hammering sounds to high-pitched squeaks. There could be several causes, from loose pipes, water logged air chambers, or water pressure that's too high. A simple solution is anchoring exposed pipes; other remedies such as anchoring pipes concealed inside the walls, floors or ceilings, may call for a professional.

Top 5 Most Common Household Plumbing Issues:

Fixing DIY projects
Hot water heater repairs
Blocked drains
Toilet Issues
Leaky, dripping faucets