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What's an easy & safe way to clean my sink and clear a simple clog?

NEVER use chemical drain/clog products! This will damage your plumbing pipes.

There are some simple, slow draining sinks that you can DIY and this is safe way to also just give your kitchen disposal a good cleaning!

-Grab the baking soda and a 1/4 measuring cup and put the baking soda down the drain.

-Next, get simple white vinegar and pour 1 cup and pour down the drain. You’ll hear/see the fizzing reaction.

-Let this sit for about 30 minutes.

-Boil several cups of water and after the 30 minutes have passed, pour this down the drain and followed by additional warm tap water.

If your sink still is struggling to drain effectively, give your plumbing pros at Reed’s a call!

When the weather gets cooler & cooler in the Fall and then freezing (and below) during the Winter and into single digit temps, the chance for frozen pipes increases! As a preventative measure let your faucets just drip a very little bit to keep the water moving, as well open the cabinet doors so warm air can circulate under your sink.

This could potentially be a simple DIY fix: start by removing the shower head from the pipe (turn counter-clockwise) and with the showerhead off, then turn the water on and check the water flow.

If the water seems adequate with the shower head off, the problem could be a clogged head due to mineral build-up (grab the white vinegar & water and soak the head in a 50/50 solution to take care of that!).

However if the water flow is still low, then it’s time to give Reed’s a call so our plumbing pros can assess the situation & solve your problem!

Did you know that your household furnace accounts for about 45% of your annual energy costs? So you want to keep it running in tip-top shape, here’s a good place to begin:

Start outside: make sure all the vents are open around the exterior & nothing blocking air flow.

Clean and/or replace your filters!! Reed’s has some INCREDIBLE options that will greatly benefit your indoor air quality.

Take a listen to the blower motor: is it extra loud? making a high pitch noise? it’s time for Reed’s.

Seal up your home’s envelope to keep warm air from escaping: insulate electrical outlets, seal drafty windows & doors.

Septic Tank Pump Rebate Available!!

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