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Water Leak Detection & Water Leak Repair

Water leaks become bigger if ignored or not repaired properly.  With the help of expert plumbing service from Reed's these leaks can be fixed!

Water leaks & water leak repairs must not be taken for granted and many times you don't know where the leak is even located, which is why it is essential to have plumbing pros with the highest level of technology to find the source of the problem. The moment you discover or believe you have a water, contact Reed's!

Septic Tank Pumping/Repair/Replacement

Septic pumping is sometimes a necessary plumbing service for homeowners or commercial building owners that are preventing a septic blockage and/or back-up.  Pumping your sewage system is good routine cleaning for the system in order to keep it maintained and functional.  Sometimes, no matter what you do, replacement is just necessary. Getting a faulty septic system removed by a trusted & experienced plumbing/septic service is essential in the septic system repair as there can be noxious fumes emitted or overflowing on the property.

Commercial Plumbing Contractors

Commercial plumbers serve the purpose of maintaning, repairing and replacing septic & sewage systems within industrial & commercial structures.  With a high volume of use of the facilities, commercial plumbing management is absolutely necessary to avoid any on-site mishaps with overflowing waste that must be taken care of at once.  Plumbing contractors will actually evaluate your new construction or commercial building, locate sewage lines, uncover the source of the plumbing problems and quickly provide the solution from simple repairs, water pumping of the system with our Hydro-Jetter, to any  needed system replacements.

Plumbing Repair

Many times, there can be an issue with your plumbing lines, in which a pipe may burst, crack or even become blocked. For those reasons, plumbing repair services are necessary to ensure that you are able to get your pipes back in working order. Plumbing repair can consist of repairing or replacing the pipes completely, in order to ensure there is a smooth motion circulating the sewage out of your home and the clean water in.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

When it comes to drain cleaning, specialized tools are needed to complete the job immediately AND correctly. High-end equipment, such as a Jetter or Rooter, are specifically designed to prevent & ease obstructions in the sewer or piping system.  Having the best technology only solves your sewer & drain cleaning problems when paired with expert training & experience.

Toilet, Sink, Faucet Installation

Just like not every toilet will fit into every bathroom, the same goes for sinks & faucets too!  There may be a need for a custom sink or speciality-sized toilet or new pipes installed before a new industrial faucet is installed.  However the toilet and tub, faucet and sink install doesn't have to be an obstacle when you can call a plumbing pro who's qualified to inspect the area, provide an accurate assessment/estimate and complete the work so your plumbing system works efficently and effectively.

Water Line Repairs & Installation

As the most used commodity within any structure, the plumbing is usually the most worked element. For this reason, the occassional water leaks occur, causing the need for water line repairs. At the same time, water pumping can be used to flush out your system and return it to a better state of functionality, eliminating the various water issues that you are experiencing.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Many restaurants, cafes and cafeterias, as well as other types of businesses often need grease trap cleaning services in order to ensure that their grease traps are functioning at peak performance all the time.  Getting professional grease trap cleaning regularly will keep your equipment working for the long run at the highest functionality.

Lateral Line Repair & Installation

Lateral line installation and lateral line repair is an extremely tedious process that involves obtaining permission, researching local codes and various other activties including lcoating the sewage & existing water lines, evaluating the need for repair or replacement of your lateral lines.  In new housing or commercial developments the appropriate linage is extremely important and there is a great deal of expertise needed in working with zoning depts & permitting as well as other tasks that need to be done prior to any plumbing work begins.