Plumbing Services

Reed's Plumbing & Excavating offers a variety of services for you to choose from.


  • Lateral Line Installation & Lateral Line Repair

    Lateral Line Installation & Lateral

    Lateral line installation and lateral line repair is an extremely tedious process that involves obtaining permission, researching local codes, and…

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  • Faucet & Sink Installation

    Faucet & Sink Installation

    Anything that has to do with your home is very important, even if you are designing your building’s office for…

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  • Water Line Repairs & Water Pumping

    Water Line Repairs & Water Pumping

    Owning your own home or operating a business office can often encounter various issues with the plumbing. Actually, as a…

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  • Sewer Connections

    Sewer Connections

    Sewer connections must be performed by the city or a private contractor. Most property owners opt for a private contractor…

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  • Sewer Locator Services

    Sewer Locator Services

    Sewer locator services are used by property owners to locate water and sewage lines and to find leaks in these…

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  • HVAC


    Reed’s HVAC Pros are proud to serve YOUR family or business’s heating and cooling needs. Our HVAC experts are dedicated…

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