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Garbage Disposal Do’s And Don’ts

When it comes to knowing what you should put down your garbage disposal and drains, you can pretty much assume that most things will hurt it.


One of the main items that will cause your pipes to get backed up is grease. If you have an overflow in your sewer pipes, this can cause major damage in your home and even the homes next to yours. It can be very expensive to have to clean up the mess from a grease blockage.


It’s your best bet to put your leftovers in your trash instead of down your drain!


As well, if you have a septic tank, you should have someone inspect it is at least once every 3 years. And your septic experts can also tell you how often you should have your tank pumped to keep it functioning.


It’s so important to keep your disposal and drains clean so take care of them! If you have any questions about yours, call us here at Reed’s Plumbing! We are ready to help!