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How To Hook-Up A Hot Water Heater

Did you know that hot water heaters are pretty easy to hook-up? This is something you can completely do on your own if you are sure to read all the directions (yes, read the directions even if you don’t think you need to)!


To have more insight on this, we can help! Here are the steps you need to take:


1.) Disconnect and remove your old hot water heater by turning off your gas or electricity that is connected to it. You then need to drain the water through the drain valve. On a gas heater you need to separate the vent pipe from the draft hood and disconnect the gas line. Remove the water heater from the water pipes. Be careful not to burn yourself while doing this!


2.) Move your new hot water heater in! There are parts inside that can be damaged if the water heater is subjected to a lot of shock.


3.) Position your new heater so that the pipes will easily reach it.


4.) Connect the hot and cold water. It should be the same connections as the old water heater. Then connect the third pipe to the main water line that distributes the water to the rest of the house.


5.) Locate the relief valve on your hot water heater. The relief system releases excess heat and pressure automatically so that your hot water heater does not explode.


6.) Connect the power. You must connect it either to the gas line or the electricity for the water to heat.


7.) Enjoy your new hot water heater!


If you need further help, contact us here at Reed’s Plumbing, and our family will happily serve yours!