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Make Sure Your Home Is Ready For Spring

April showers bring more than just flowers. Winter can be rough on our homes and plumbing – and it’s during the spring that you may notice a problem. Here’s a few things you should look for:


1) Exterior Sprinklers and Spigots – winter can cause cracks and leaking, turn on your exterior spigots and check for any water drips or puddles.


2) Toilets – Look for moisture in the floor around the toilet. You can also add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet water tank. If you have colored water in your bowl soon, your toilet is leaking water.


3) Water Heater – If you turned your water heater up during the winter, now’s the time to turn it down for energy savings. When you do, check for signs of age or leaks by inspecting for rust or moisture.


4) Interior hoses and pipes – open the cabinets underneath all of your sinks and run water for a minute or two. Watch for any drops of water from the hose, pipes or connections. Look for any mold or moisture. Do the same for your washing machine and dishwasher.


5) If you have a septic system, consider spring maintenance and a pump out for the summer months.


6) Keep an eye on your water meter and bill. If you notice inconsistencies, it may be an early sign of a leak.