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The temperatures are dropping which means it is time to start up those fireplaces!!  If you are curious on which fireplace is the most effective for you, we are ready to tell you all the benefits of a the less costly, better for the environment fireplace…. Natural Gas Fireplace!

  • Energy Savings When you use a natural gas fireplace, you are able to save AT LEAST 25% on your energy bill!!! 25%!!  Nothing is better than seeing that, especially during Christmas time!

  • No Sparks Thankfully, there will be no sparks flying around that you have to be cautious of. If you have children, this is amazing to have because you don’t have to be on the lookout for fly away sparks that might hurt your child!

  • Constant Heat With a natural gas fireplace you have a constant heat supply. If you have a log fireplace, you run out of heat supply and have to constantly add more and more wood.

  • No Wood One of the best things about a natural fireplace…. You do not have to chop or buy wood over and over again! You save a lot of your own time, money, and energy.

  • Easy to Work They can be turned on and off by a flip of a switch. Wood burning fireplaces you must do a lot of work to start it and when you try to end it, there is still a chance that the wood burning fireplace is burning with anyone noticing.

  • No Bans It might sound crazy, but some states have banned the use of wood burning fireplaces because of the negative impacts on the environment.

  • No Chimney Gas fireplaces mostly use a venting system, so you don’t have to have a chimney!

Here at Reed’s Plumbing and Excavating, our Master Certified Techs can give you a free estimate on getting a gas line for you!!  Call us today to make your winter warm and cozy for you and your family!

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