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When to Have Your Sewer Lines Cleaned

It’s hard to recognize when your sewer lines have an issue due to it being hidden. This is why you should be looking for signs to stop the issue before it turns into potential disaster.

You should be having your sewer lines cleaned every 18-22 months BUT if you see any of the following warning signs, you need to call a plumber sooner:

  • Gurgling sounds coming from your pipes

  • Water backing up into the shower or bathtub when using the washing machine

  • Reoccurring clogs or multiple clogged drains

  • You see raw sewage backing into your toilet, drain, or bathtub

  • You see water around the flood drain in your basement

  • Slow Drains

  • Sewer Odor

Here are the most common reasons for why your sewer lines would need to be cleaned sooner than 18-22 months:

1. Grease It’s important what you pour down your drain. When you pour grease down you drain, it will turn solid which can cause a blockage in your pipes. This will cause issues and you will have to have your pipes cleaned.

2. Roots The #1 cause for sewer back-ups are tree roots. The roots will grow and grow into the pipes until they fill the pipes up or break it completely.

3. Bellied Piping A sag in your pipe can occur when part of your pipe slopes down. Usually this is caused by the soil around your pipes break, making the soil around your pipe unstable which leads it to sinking. This will allow waste to pile up at the bellied part of the pipe.

Be on the lookout! Reed’s Plumbing, HVAC, and Excavating is here for your 24/7. Our family is always ready to serve yours!

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