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Is Your AC Working At Its Best Potential?

When the warmer weather hits, your AC can be your life saver! We want to make sure that your home’s air conditioner is working at its BEST potential for you (and adding savings to your energy bill 😉 )


Leave the thermostat alone.
When you’re constantly making manual adjustments, the system has to cycle on and off more frequently, which requires extra energy. By setting the ideal temperature for your household, you allow the system to operate in a way that reduces energy use, thus lowering your monthly bills. If you want to save even more energy, try increasing the temperature by one or two degrees during the summer or lowering it during the winter.


Schedule a check–up.
A tune-up of your cooling system will ensure that it is working at peak performance and efficiency. An un-serviced air conditioning system will have to work harder and longer to provide the same degree of home comfort, greatly reducing its efficiency and increasing your utility bills.


Do Housework at The Right Time
Using all the appliances in your home can heat up your home. Cooking, dishwasher, dryer, etc. There is no way around doing these fun chores but the best time to do any of these is during the evenings, early mornings, or when no one is home.


But sometimes you still need an HVAC Pro to handle minor maintenance and major AC repairs…remember that our family is ready to serve yours 24/7 to keep you cool & comfortable all Summer long!