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Winter Plumbing Precautions

The winter season can be so hard on your plumbing… ugh. Here at Reeds Plumbing, we want you to be prepared for anything that comes your way…


Here are a few tips to keep your home in good shape during the winter weather:


Frozen Pipes
The first thing you need to look for are any exposed pipes that you have (crawl space or basement). These can lead to a lot of trouble when the temperatures drop. A major problem that people have is that their water freezes in the pipe, blocking any flow. This can turn into cracks in the pipe, which will lead to flooding. Preventing this from happening is simple. Buy a foam pipe cover that will insulate your exposed pipes and protect it from the freezing weather. If you anticipate a harsh winter, take more precaution by protecting your pipes in the kitchen and bathroom.


Septic Tank
If you use a septic tank system, be on the look out for freezing temperatures for a long period of time. These conditions can lead to the ground start to freeze, which can harm your septic tank. Look for the point where the septic tank leaves your home and cover it with insulation. You may use leaves, hay, or mulch. This problem is less likely than your pipes freezing.


Fix Clogged Drains
With all the family holidays in the winter, you might be using your kitchen a lot more than usual. If you have a clogged drain, be sure to fix this right away. You do not want the standing water to freeze and burst pipes!


We hope these tips can help you have a cozy winter! If you have any more questions or worries, call Reeds Plumbing and Excavating. Our family is ready to serve yours!