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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Falling leaves and falling temps mean one thing – winter is just around the corner. Is your kitchen ready for more dinners inside – or the holidays? If your kitchen is falling short and you want to remodel, Reed’s Plumbing can help with your plumbing and fixture needs.


We’ve been in A LOT of kitchens and have compiled a list of some of the hottest kitchen trends in the Springfield area.


1) More Color: Kitchens are transitioning from white cabinetry to colors ­– Everything from sandy beige to green. People are using the backsplash as a canvas, painting designs or installing wallpaper to bring in more color and individuality.


2) Micro Areas: To maximize space, both renters and homeowners are created micro areas for prep and storage. Two of the most popular are coffee bars and snack stations.


3) Technology: The kitchen is the heart of the home and kitchens are now incorporating lots of technology to help maximize everyone’s busy schedule. From refrigerators with built-in screens to faucets with sensors for touchless operation, it’s everywhere.


4) Lots of Light: As plumbers, we are extra fond of this one! Curtains and blinds are now bygones of the past in kitchens and natural light reigns. We’ve noticed an increase in task-lighting as well – under cabinets and even inside cabinets and pantries.


5) Gold Rush: Both polished and satin brass finishes are starting to take over – especially kitchen faucets. The reigning champion is still chrome due to its shine and ease of cleaning. Gooseneck pull-down kitchen faucets are the hottest trend for kitchen sinks for their ease of use.


If you decide to update your kitchen, we can help relocate water lines and install kitchen sinks and faucets. Give Reed’s Plumbing a call at 417-831-6122.