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Buying A New Home? Know What To Look Out For

Summer is one of the busiest seasons in terms of home sales, and many potential buyers have a laundry list of items to check for when it comes to ensuring a quality home purchase. For this blog, we’ll be looking at a few tips to help you better analyze the plumbing of a potential home purchase.


Checking the age of the hot water heaters is always a good starting point. You’ll want to also verify that your water heater can handle the volume of water the home will use during the busiest times.


Check the floor around the toilet—if there are weak spots then you may have a leaky toilet.


Ensuring the main sewer is inspected during a home plumbing inspection, and in some cases, a sewer camera inspection will help identify potential problems that may require re-lining, or even replacement.


Having your pipes analyzed can help you prepare for potential problems based on the type of piping in your home. The various material types will wear, clean, and behave differently based on weather and age; knowing what you have in your home will go a long way to help you stay proactive.


Check the home for drips in the sinks, a trickling toilet, and even discolored water to help reduce the chance of unwanted repair costs down the road.


Give the garbage disposal unit a smell test and keep a nose out for any sewage smells or foul odors that may be due to empty drain traps or a neglected disposal sanitization.


And finally, check the water pressure throughout the home, including testing the shower to ensure constant water flow.


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