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Keeping Your Pipes In Good Shape!

Did you know that your drains and plumbing can cause problems for your home? Keeping your plumbing system in good shape is essential for your drainage system and helps avoid unwanted expenses or repairs in the future. However, it’s normal to have a block occur in your home plumbing system at one time or another.


Clogs can be caused by many things such as grease, hair, specks of dirt, or other types of buildup. Outdated pipes and those made with materials like copper are also more prone to becoming clogged. So how do we prevent having clogged drains? We’ve provided our top tips to ensure your drains are clear and your plumbing is in good condition.

Prevention Tips For Your Drains And Plumbings

Here are some excellent home maintenance practices you need to use to keep your drains clean and free from any blocking agents.


1. Weekly Drain Flush

At the end of each shower, run hot water down the shower drain. This will help push out the little blocking agents already forming before they create a serious issue. If you took a bath, make sure to fill your bath with hot water before releasing it down the drain. Hot water is a good flushing agent that does the job perfectly.


2. Weekly Drain Cleaning Schedule

It is a good home maintenance practice to schedule a drain cleaning to avoid clogging in your drainage system. To clean it out, follow these steps:


First, pull out the stopper in your sink.


Then remove the debris that is visible in the drain.


Next, thoroughly rinse the stopper and reinsert it back to its initial position. Remember, you should do the same type of cleaning for your shower or tub drain.


4. Monthly Tub Cleaning Schedule

Deep cleaning the tub drain will help you remove the tough debris that sits deep in your drain system. Start by removing the overflow plate and reaching down the spring or rocker arm. There, you can find and remove any hair or other debris you might miss during your weekly drain cleaning schedule.


5. Use Drain Cleaner For Drain Maintenance

A drain cleaner may be helpful to avoid any issues. However, it’s important to research the right cleaner as they’re not all made the same. Typically, you can choose between chemical drain cleaners or bacterial drain cleaners.


Bacterial drain cleaners offer a safer, non-corrosive, and biodegradable cleaning service that does not damage your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners are more severe and provide a more complex cleaning service. If you are carrying out your regular cleaning schedule, bacterial cleaners are a better recommendation for your plumbing system.


6. Preventive Maintenance Check

Having a professional plumbing and septic company carry out your home maintenance service will save you time, stress, and money. Reeds plumbing is a professional plumbing service company you can trust to provide the best services. In cases where your plumbing and drain system needs some plumbing repair done, Reed plumbing can handle that for you.

Stay On Top Of Your Drains And Plumbing

Prevention, they say, is better than curing a new problem. With the above recommendations, you can save yourself some extra dollars when you carry out preventive measures to avoid plumbing blockage. Hiring a plumbing service like Reed’s also gives you the confidence that your plumbing maintenance is done correctly. So when you need us, give our family of plumbing pros a call today to schedule your preventative maintenance.